I specialize in fine art drawings and also collect antique prints of dogs and other animals. My custom prints are of the highest quality using professional grade art paper and dye pigments. All proceeds will go towards my university tuition plus I donate a percentage of each sale to breed rescue or parent clubs. I am just beginning to build my store, so hope you will drop by often!

    Original Art

    A unique series of drawings featuring dogs and some of their two and four-legged friends.

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    Antiquarian Art

    Giclee prints created from fully restored antique chromolithographs and engravings.

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    Commissioned Art

    Hand-crafted collectibles, music, books & more from our Guild Members' studios.

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Edward Julius Detmold (1883 – 1957)

Born in London, England, E.J. Detmold and his twin brother Maurice were artistic prodigies. Beginning with their very earliest works, they showed great sensitivity and a passion for nature. Only 13 years old when they exhibited their first water colors at the Royal Academy and the Royal Institute of Painters, they were heavily influenced by traditional Japanese forms, and later, Art Nouveau. Their life subjects included flowering plants, bees, birds, and “baby beasts.” Together they produced illustrations that were featured in Pictures from Birdland (1899) and Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (1903). When Maurice died under tragic circumstances a few […]


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